Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Green Rock Drill is an intermediate technology machine appropriate for ASM (Artisinal and Small Scale Miners).
It is to powered by a Solar Charged battery or a pedal powered Fly wheel, therefore offsetting the use of compressed air which is generated by Diesel/Electric compressors applied in current rock drilling activities.
   Usually  these Air compressors are associated with high investment and high operation cost that ASM can not afford hence making mining an Expensive business venture. Not only that but they are also Dust and Carbon generators.
Dust is Toxic to the Lungs of the miners while carbon dioxide/ Carbon monoxide are highly polluting to our Environment especially during this global warming era.
The Green Rock Drill is designed to be manufactured by locally available materials  and machinery, so as to make affordable to the Artisinal Miners who are using Traditional Hammers and Pick Drilling Techniques which are Time consuming and Labor intensive, in Tanzania Known as Nge-Nge-Nge.
   In Tanzania Mining industry has now dropped second Foreign Income earner next to Tourism, contributing up to 3.3% GDP. It employs over 500,000 Artisinal and Small Scale Miners which is the highest number as compared to any African(Developing country), whereby 13 Million is the overall number of people employed in the Small Scale Mining industry in the developing countries.
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Hammers and Picks Drilling

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